about us

M&M Industries Ltd

M&M Industries Limited, is a team of specialist consultants who work internationally. Thanks to the skills and the confidence of our partners, has the ability to introduce discreetly customer activity in the major financial centers worldwide. The perfect knowledge of the tax laws, VAT and customs allows us delivering reliable services over time

Corporate Services

by M&M Industries Ltd

Venture Capitalist

Our team is ready to invest on each Sector We attribute our long-term success to our commitment of always putting clients' interests first;


Joint Venture

Across a wide range of sectors, businesses will choose to work together to pursue common commercial goals.


International Processing

Doing Business Across Borders Are you considering selling your products or services internationally?


Business courses

How We Can Help?
Expanding your business internationally means adding multiple levels of complexity to your existing operations. Cultural differences, currency risk, seemingly endless and irrational government regulations — these are just a few of the issues you will have to deal with.


Market Research

Marketing plans and business plans for companies that want to enter or expand in international markets International market research, including screening to find target markets that best meet the needs of your current product mix, business strategy, and company culture


Software Administration

We have developed a CRM system thanks to the collaboration of our IT partners that allows us to manage all the steps from contact to drafting contracts and concluding business, quickly and easily with savings in the use of unnecessary human resources. Our software is customizable according to your needs...


Recruitment Agency

Online or on-site interviews for the selection of highly specialized human resources, we also offer the body rental service and turnkey package for outsourced work. recruitment and interviews on behalf of companies that have to hire skilled labor and professionals to be included in the company staff. both line and staff bodies.


Business Planning

Fundamental document with which the entrepreneur can receive a complete picture of the real situation of the scenario where he will operate

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